1943 - born in Klagenfurt, Austria. His father was a land surveyor, his mother a photographer.
1945- Return to Germany. After finishing school he starts an apprenticeship as a window-dresser and decorator and passes the final examination. 
1961- Travels with friends to Africa, Egypt, Greece, Libya, Tunisia - with a budget of 400 DM! 
Last stop is Switzerland where they find a small job that saved them from dying of hunger.
1962 - Returned to Germany where he starts exhibition construction in Cologne. With his talent and skills for drawing and his flair for
three-dimensional form and design, he soon  successfully develops his own style. Architecture, graphics, typography, design,
and art trends fascinate him and with his thirst for knowledge, he absorbs everything like a sponge.
1971 - He establishes his own company  “Form+Gestaltung”.
It started on a modest scale  but it soon became a leading building exhibition company. LUFTHANSA, one of his clients, made a great contribution to the success of his company. Together with a friend he buys his first sailing boat in Sri Lanka. Adventurous sailing trips follow and
during this time he visits the Venetian house in the Kastro in Naxos, Greece, for the first time.
In 1983 he sells his company with a transitional arrangement and also sells his well proportioned  limestone house in Leverkusen, Germany.
1988 - Together with his wife Anna he moved to the house in the Kastro in Naxos, which he had renovated. 
2000 - Building of his new white house in the village of Engares, Naxos.

A few words about my artist friend Max, his enthusiasm and his inner fire.
He can be described in a few concise terms: taciturn, strong, modest, endearing, sympathetic, and fired by creativity.
His spectrum is manifold: despite his artist’s nature he loves sports:  windsurfing, diving, tennis, sailing in the Aegean with or without clients.
He is involved with furniture design, but above all he is driven by his great love and discovery: working with marble.
His pieces are clear; forms are reduced to their fundamental essence.        
His illumination projects, which are made from marble down to 1 cm thin, meet the Greek light with their luminous reflections.
Large pebbles, cut in half, are enabled to be lit up. The marble “paper- and folds” series simulate lightness.
His sculptures are impressive and fascinating with their formal tension, openings and indentations.
His new big project weighing 9 tons: a revolving marble egg.
I stand totally amazed before the colossal monument and cannot contain my astonishment about the dimensions, his craftsmanship
and his understanding of form. When turning the object, the form changes shape, from circle to oval, to an elliptical form.
To say it in short: Max, marble and Naxos are a fantastic symbiosis.

Text: Adi + Barbara Lipp, Zürich, Switzerland

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